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Opportunity Assessments

“During a complete overhaul of the commercial management team, Gough Mandarin played a key role in kick-starting the marketing department ensuring that no time was lost for the duration of the recruitment and the first months of the new management. And the handover ensured that the new manager was up to speed on priorities in record time.”

– Ideal Standard International (Spanish office)

In our information hungry world, it is easy to miss market changes and opportunities through a lack of time or resources. However, keeping a close eye on market needs can help to drive product development and additional income streams by identifying what the customer is looking for and highlighting any new, emerging trends.

Gough Mandarin’s opportunity assessments help you to: 

    •    Identify how your market segment is changing?
    •    Recognise any threats or weaknesses?
    •    Discover emerging opportunities ?
    •    Determine the optimum routes to market

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