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Brand Research

“During a complete overhaul of the commercial management team Gough Mandarin played a key role in kick-starting the marketing department ensuring that no time was lost for the duration of the recruitment and the first months of the new management. And the handover ensured that the new manager was up to speed on priorities in record time.”

– Ideal Standard International (Spanish office)

Do you know what your brand means to your customers and target markets? Our brand research will help you to discover how your brand is perceived and to ensure that the messages you want to communicate are the same as the messages being received and understood. In today’s competitive market, it is important to have a brand strategy, measure your brand values and map your brand’s real performance. That’s why Gough Mandarin helps you to answer the following questions:

    •    What is the essence of your brand?
    •    How is your brand identity seen by your customers and prospective clients?
    •    Does your brand mean different things to different people?
    •    How is your brand perceived overseas?
    •    Is your brand in good shape for the future?

We use both qualitative and quantitative techniques to effectively measure brand performance and identify ways of improving your brand’s positioning.   

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