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Building Products

"I felt that the report was first class, it was delivered on time and refreshingly it was presented without bull but with a confidence in the technical findings"

- Pegler Yorkshire Limited

“The information provided has been invaluable in enabling us to access market sectors of which we previously had little or no knowledge”

- Ideal Standard International

Our experience spans 20 years in this sector, undertaking dozens of projects, most recently in the following areas:

  • Evaluation of consumer attitudes towards digital showers
  • Review of what the bathroom industry has achieved so far in improving water efficiency and how it has impacted on the UK housing stock
  • Assessing attitudes towards own-brand amongst installers
  • Evaluation of the decision making process for both fittings and associated pipework in domestic installations
  • Assessment of opportunities in the showers market
  • Assessment of trends and opportunities in the domestic central heating market
  • Evaluating the perceived features and benefits of press fit fittings amongst building contractors
  • Assessment of bathing and showering needs of the less able / disabled in the home
  • Image and attitude survey for one of the major manufacturers of electrical accessories, amongst house builders, contractors, installers
  • Customer satisfaction monitoring for Europe's largest manufacturer of bathroom products
  • Assessment of opportunities in the leisure centres market for cubicles / changing rooms equipment
  • Evaluation of purchasing trends in the hotels market
  • Brand image survey for one of the major lintels manufacturers
  • Tracking perceptions of a major bathroom brand amongst retailers and merchants
  • Evaluating perceptions of linked brands in the plumbing products sector
  • Evaluating competitor products and prices in the plumbing and heating ancillaries market
  • Assessment of the TMV market
  • Brand evaluation in the house builder market
  • Assessment of the issues that influence the decision making process for commercial valves
  • Brand image survey for a major shower manufacturer