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Water Everywhere

Water…. we in the UK either seem to have too much of it or not enough! They say it always rains in Manchester, whilst those in the South East say it never rains! What’s going on?

Contrary to popular belief, England is not a wet country; it has less water available per person than Spain or Portugal. And therein lies the problem. Demand is outstripping supply in some areas which is forcing government to take drastic action to slow down our water usage. This not surprisingly is having a dramatic impact on those industries that manufacture water-using products.

One of the key industries to be affected is the bathroom products industry, though thankfully the industry has already made great progress in reducing the water consumption of toilets and taps. The Bathroom Manufacturers Association – representing 90% of manufacturers – has played a key role in making us all more water conscious and last year introduced its Water Efficient Product Labelling Scheme, designed to highlight products that are truly water efficient.

Water efficiency has thus become a real hot topic, consequently benefiting from considerable research to help government determine what messages need to be communicated. In order to provide an update on this hot topic, the BMA asked us to produce an overview report on water efficiency, as a guide for both members of the trade association and the broader market. Commenting on the report, Chief Executive Yvonne Orgill said, “The report enables manufacturers to understand water efficiency, the drivers and consumer attitude to water efficient bathroom products. The report pulls together the key elements from the plethora of consumer and trade research projects that have been carried out over the last five years, thus giving valuable information to enable crucial commercial decisions to be made on new product development.”