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Website Usability Testing

Regarded as the most comprehensive tool for those involved in specifying bathroom products, The Bluebook has used research to successully stay ahead of the rest.  How?

The Bluebook website allows the user to create and manage projects online, without the need for special software.  It has become an industry “bible”, as it makes life easier for the user.  In fact, the site has thousands of hits every day, proving its popularity.

The one thing about creating an industry bible is that it has to be relevant for today’s market, it has to stay ahead of the rest.  Research we conducted on the site last year identified users’ likes and dislikes and since then considerable work has been undertaken to create a new site in line with users’ wants and needs. 

Our second phase of research involved the vital task of testing the functionality of the site with users, to flush out any problem areas before the site went live.  For this, we conducted a series of usability tests to observe users carrying out actions that they would typically perform on the site.  The test scenarios were designed to find out: -
• How do they interact with the site?
• What is difficult for them to undertake?
• What makes sense to them?
• What do they feel is illogical?
• Can they find all the information needed?
• Which elements do they really dislike / like?
• Where are the problems encountered / how severe?
The end result?  A site that may well be built by the company but has been most definitely designed by the user!  Commenting on the project, Tony Rheinberg said ……”Understanding how the Bluebook website is used has been vital to ensure we develop tools that are really useful and meaningful to the user. It is very easy to get too clouded by the detail and not consider the customer. Gough Mandarin has worked with us to provide realistic user research, which really unearths key insights and what the user really wants. They have played an essential part in developing a progressive web site.”