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Syndicating Research

We are in the era of slashed budgets … both  private and public sectors are feeling the pinch; let’s be honest, there's no quick turnaround.  So how do you get the information you need to make the right decisions? 

Some will follow gut instincts, whilst others will do nothing.  Some will adopt the “speculate to accumulate” platform.  But there’s also another way…. and that’s to syndicate. 
Collaborate with partners to get the information that two or more parties can benefit from.  It could be a specific retailer and manufacturer working together to understand buyers’ attitudes towards a particular development, for example disposal of packaging.  Or it could be a whole industry working together - through its trade association – to really understand the attitudes of customers. 

A recent project for the UK Copper Board did just this.  It was designed to really help to fine tune the messages that are collectively communicated about copper and ensure that those messages address what is most important to the customer.   The project focused on: -
• What influences choice of materials
• What are the key reasons for using (or not using) copper
• How does copper perform compared with alternatives
• What are the emerging trends

The project, designed to benefit the whole copper industry, gave a clear indication of the factors having the greatest weight in the decision making process and helped members of the trade association to better understand both what are the key concerns amongst contractors and what those contractors see as the main benefits of copper versus alternative materials.

Commenting on the research, Nick Hay said, “The research has significantly increased our knowledge of pipework materials specification. The findings have confirmed a number of long-held beliefs regarding the excellent reliability and durability of copper, as well as highlighting areas where we feel we can make further progress in promoting the benefits of copper.”