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An Eye on the Competition


Keeping an eye on the competition is vital for all companies, large and small; and using a third party for such an exercise is crucial in the development of a clear, unbiased  pricing strategy.  How?

Reliance Water Controls is part of the Australian based group, Reliance Worldwide, which specialises in the design, distribution and technical support of advanced water control devices.

It is a leading supplier to the sanitary, plumbing and heating industry, of products such as thermostatic mixing valves, thermostatic showers, pressure reducing valves and expansion vessels. It prides itself on the range of products, the level of service, and technical support offered to customers, in its drive to give total peace of mind.

Whilst the company’s products are widely distributed in the UK, through many major merchant groups such as Plumb Center, PTS and Grafton Group, it wanted to ensure that its products remain truly competitive.

Gough Mandarin was commissioned to gather information that would help them develop a clearer pricing strategy. They wanted information on key competitors that was objective and without any risk of anecdotal / biased spin.

We used a mix of techniques to gather the information, using our own contacts plus an element of “mystery shopping”. The internet was also used; however, initial research had already indicated that most competitors appear not to disclose trade prices on their websites.

Commenting on the research Grant Phipps said “Thank you for the excellent job that Gough Mandarin did with regards to our recent request for market information. We knew from the start that it was a tough assignment as traditionally the plumbing wholesale trade is very secretive to say the least.”