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Focusing on the Brand

BA is one of the most well known brand in the world - how does it stay that way?  What techniques does it use to keep the brand front-of-mind?

Staying the world’s favourite
Investment in the BA brand is continual - both in the UK and internationally.  Yes, it is one of the most well known brands in the world.  Yes, it is held in high esteem in many quarters.  Yes, it is proven to be as competitive as the “low cost airlines”.  How does it maintain its brand strength?…. By continually measuring the awareness AND impact of its marketing activities.

Gough Mandarin was asked to evaluate awareness of BA routes from Birmingham – England’s second city.

The exercise included an evaluation of how the brand is perceived - not only amongst consumers but also the important business market – whether they had direct experience of BA or only perceptions of the brand.  This approach enabled us to compare results and identify specific “hot spots” for the brand, amongst both existing and potential customers.

"I was very impressed by Gough Mandarin's ethos and outline proposals, they demonstrated a clear understanding of our business needs and in particular their ability to work within the partnership frame- work of both British Airways and Birmingham International Airport.

The research was delivered on time; it was within budget and provided much needed information on how the British Airways brand is perceived in this area.

The research has directly enabled us to develop strategies based on the results and also the recommendations of Gough Mandarin. I and my colleagues remain very impressed by their hard work & professionalism.”