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Pre-Launch Testing


Launching a new brand in current market conditions is a major challenge.  Yet when there is inherent strength in both the range and the people behind the brand, then it becomes easier.  

Especially when research is undertaken to check the product fit with the target market.  The combination helps to create a winning scenario.
When taps and showers brand Deva became part of the New Zealand based Methven Group, it became part of a long established yet progressive company – but a company that had no track- record in the UK.  Its ambitious plans for the UK, including the establishment of the Methven brand for the mid-upper segment of the bathroom market, required careful handling as it did not want to jeopardise the existing success enjoyed by Deva.  

Deva turned to us to help establish if the proposed Methven product range was right for the target market and to determine what would be the barriers to market entry.  Could the brand command a premium?  Would the reaction to the new brand be positive?  What support would be needed? 

By undertaking a series of depth interviews with key retailers, during which we were able to discuss these issues, we helped to determine what are the key ingredients for success in this segment, where are the real opportunities and what needs to be addressed. The outcome enabled the company to shape the future strategy for the brand and ensure a successful launch.

Commenting on the project, Vicki Newsome said: "The research they carried out provided vital insight for a crucial brand launch. Carole's approach was thorough and professional and we were delighted with the swift action she took to ensure the research project was completed in a timely manner. Carole's knowledge of our industry and routes to market are second to none. It was a pleasure working with Carole and I highly recommend her and Gough Mandarin to any business that needs to conduct research."